New brand Astala launches

Astala means 'of heaven and stars' and builds the bridge between the teachings from ancient recipes and the innovative technologies of contemporary cosmetics.

Founder Lucy Rose was inspired to create the brand seven years ago when she became pregnant and was working as a skincare specialist.

“I was ultimately let down with the luxury brand options available at the time,” she says.

“The ingredients, beauty of design and options were lacking and I felt very compelled to bring something new to the luxury beauty table. We officially launched on 30 April 2021.”

Rose explains the team wanted to specifically design a skincare product free from hormones, which they believe can disrupt your natural equilibrium.

“Our choices of ingredients are premium and curated for the most beautiful textures, properties and we believe quality is paramount. We are also proudly produced and owned in Australia.

“Astala promotes natural beauty and body positivity, we actively feature and celebrate a large variety of beauty and are helping rewrite a healthier and more realistic view of beauty standards for anyone aged from 22 to 60 years old.

“Our scents, ingredients and product design all have to pass through our pillars of the brand: classic, timeless and quality. We believe in understated elegance, and steer away from fads,” she adds.

Rose says there are more exciting things in the pipeline for next year.

“We have a few ideas for our brand but you will have to wait and see,” she enthuses. “However, we love holding events and parties and after lockdown we hope to hold another beauty event soon.”