New mindful gift range helping children relax

We’ve all heard about the benefits of mindfulness for adults, but have you ever considered meditation for children?

My Mindful Child founder and designer Brooke Glennen has and decided to create a product range inspired by her own childhood that would help kids relax and connect with their parents.

She developed a series of mindfulness kits that include handmade miniature storybooks, meditation cards and sensory objects to help nurture young minds. Each kit has a specific focus, for example the Kind kit explores the joy you feel when helping others, and Sleep provides a bedtime ritual to soothe children and help send them off to sleep.

“My designs are inspired by my thoughtful upbringing and fondness for calm and cosy spaces,” says Glennen. “I am passionate about creating similar connections for children to feel safe, calm and nurtured.

“I combined my love for styling, illustration, graphic design, bookbinding and storytelling together to create something that was unique and personal to me.”

Because My Mindful Child is such a personal project, Glennen says it has been challenging to scale into a wholesale business, especially as each book is sewn, trimmed and bound by hand.

“My biggest challenge has been to turn a personal project into a product ready for the market and larger production,” she says. “I am happy that I have still been able to keep the majority of my production made by hand.”

As well as the My Mindful Child range Glennen also produces illustrated animal prints and hanging pods, which are soft woollen structures where kids can store special little objects.

By Ruth Cooper

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