One Christmas gift for the whole family

If you are looking for the ultimate family gift this Christmas, the Vuly 360 Pro play set might just be the product to add to your store shelves.

Vuly Play has reinvented the swing set concept so that, like Lego for example, families can build a set that suits their needs.

CEO Joe Andon says the set comes with accessories which can be added to the frame to make it suitable for babies, toddlers, teenagers and adults.

“Accessories can be added on or changed―there might be a hanging cubby and baby swing for the children at one end, for example, through to an aerial yoga swing and a boxing punching bag at the other for the parents,” he explains.

“We wanted to do our bit to get kids and adults off screens and outdoors. Our play sets can double as a fitness centre for parents, who can get fit while playing with their kids.”

Sydney mum Louise Metcalfe loves the play set as it provides different options for her two daughters aged eight and 10.

“The main thing that drew me to the play set was that it’s very unique and great for slightly older kids,” she enthuses.

“The second factor was that we could choose which options would be best for the kids. Different kids of different ages will like different things, so it’s great they have more than three accessories.”

Families can design their own play set with as little as one or as many as a dozen accessories.

“We’ve picked accessories for all ages so this Christmas, families don’t have to stress about finding gifts for everyone, instead they can opt for one piece of play equipment that can be customised as families change and grow,” Andon adds.

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