Range Finder: hats that meet the needs of the everyday Australian

‘Darl, did you pack the kids hats?’ is the Australian summer anthem shouted across every park, pool and beach from September to March each year.

Essence Accessories has identified this growing consumer conscience as an opportunity to provide great quality, low cost fashion summer hats for the entire family and make them accessible to the broader population. 

With greater awareness of damaging UV rays and its aging effects, demand for sun protection is ever increasing. Essence Accessories hats are inspired by the top selling international trends and designed to meet the needs of the everyday Australian.  

The number one top selling adult hat is arguably the versatile Fedora which provides shade and comfort to beach frolickers or race-day goers and everyone in between. Essence offers a variety of Fedoras for both ladies and men, which means you can tailor your range for your customer. After all, you know them best.

Other women’s hats include the ever-popular Bucket hat, which is easily folded and kept in her handbag or the beautiful Tiffany sun hat, a perfect partner for a sunny summer dress. Ladies can purchase the ever-practical sporty caps, a must-have for exercise or sporting activities and Essence offers a broad range for men and women, all with adjustable straps so one size snugly fits all. 

The Essence men’s range includes caps for the sporting types, Fedoras for a man of leisure and Panamas for someone a little more dapper. 

The kids range features smart Fedoras, providing high UV and a full brim. At $6.25 wholesale, parents won’t be devastated if these are lost.

Made from hard wearing synthetic materials, Essence hats are designed for everyday families and everyday use.

Essence has thought of everything. With every full range purchased a spinner stand is provided to assist with your in-store merchandising. The stand has been engineered to have a small footprint as Gibson understands how valuable your real estate is. The stand can accommodate the full range. 

To learn more about how the range can drive your sales this summer, contact a Gibson sales representative.

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