Studio Elwood launches decorative art range

Art has always been a great way to brighten up a room or to add a bit of style and colour to any space in the home without going overboard.

Studio Elwood recently released a limited edition art collection called The Arch and The Flow series. The impactful and affordable prints have been created by creative director and artist, Tory Burke, showcasing the abstract minimalist style and thoughtful design approach which she is renowned for.

Tory says The Arch series was inspired by historical Roman architectural and ceremonial arches, seen in celebrations such as weddings to mark new beginnings.

“Earthy and rich colour combinations and overlapping oil paints were employed to give a regal and strong representation of the arch; and a ‘golden mean’, a horizon, was used to provide the arch its foundation and spatial context,” she says.

“The original artworks were created on mounted Italian linen, which with its warm undertone enhances the earthy neutral tones and allows for the execution of bold and definitive line work.

“This painting method was used so all the texture and nuances of the colours were present in the reproductions.”

The second series in the collection, The Flow, was inspired by moving water, minerals and other natural elements required to nourish Australian flora and fauna.

“The dots and single brush strokes represent the pitter-patter of raindrops on forest foliage, and the running lines depict flowing water after a rainstorm,” Burke adds.

“White is representative of ‘white heat’, like the high temperature that radiates off hot metal; yellow signifies the heat from the sun; blue alludes to the clear Australian sky and cool, fresh mornings; pink and orange embodies the dust and dirt of the outback; and green symbolises the growth and regeneration that water brings.”

A similar rubbing technique to The Arch series was used, allowing the texture and undertone of the linen to shine through.

Available in editions of just 50, each art print comes signed, numbered and is available framed or unframed. They are available now.