Three Aussie brands to watch in 2020

It’s important for new brands to be innovative and stand out from the crowd to make sure they get noticed in this very crowded retail space.

The brands below are capturing the eyes of the Australian market and creating an impact in their industry.

Minnow Designs

Minnow Designs is the brainchild of two friends who have made it their mission to design beautiful, purposeful products that ‘fill the gaps’ in parents’ life. Lorraine Cherry-Nguyen, a fashion designer and Stacey Fisher, a marketing consultant met when they were young and carefree, had babies at the same time and went into business shortly thereafter.

In the time since they launched Minnow in the Australian summer of 15/16 they have drunk countless bottles of wine, refined their product to the point of real pride, learned more about small business and themselves than they’re entirely comfortable with and created another set of small adorable toddler buddies.

The idea for Minnow Designs came from the ladies firstborns running through Australian seaside rock pools together. They were constantly on the lookout for sharp rocks, shells and slippery bits. The ladies needed something comfortable and malleable that would protect their little feet―socks, but stronger and quick drying. And so, Minnow Designs was born.

Made using bright, on trend colours, these booties aren’t just cute, they are of the highest quality.

At Minnow, they’re about small salty faces, sandy toddler bottoms, spontaneous fun, unhurried friendship, big belly laughs and rare moments of parental peace interrupted by frequent moments of breathless joy.

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Infamous Swim

Infamous Swim is an Australian label for women who want to feel empowered in their swimwear no matter what stage of life. Its swimwear line makes you feel sexy, without compromising your authenticity. After all, a confident woman stands out naturally.

Created with high-quality fabrics, our seamless, cheeky-fun bikinis and one-pieces allow you to express your personality with confidence.

The idea of matching mother and daughter swimwear is innovative, value-adding and just quirky enough. Buyers are falling in love with mums across the country jumping on this new trend.

Founder Gemma Crowe’s tenacity and design skills are a force to be reckoned with. Combine this with her own experience as a mother of three and you get the perfect combination―someone who is able to connect with her audience and provide what they really want.

Infamous Swim taps into another digitally driven trend, body positivity, with the brand showcasing models in a range of sizes. This commitment is a taste of the ‘mum magic’ which Infamous Swim runs on. Like the best kind of mum, this brand is realistic and yet glamorous, down to earth and fun. Perhaps this is why Infamous Swim has taken off, making waves in the online shopping world.

Infamous Swim and its mini swim range, when launched, blew up on Instagram, and now has 233K followers.

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Kind is Cool

Kind is Cool was founded by Amber Wilkinson, who suffered from being bullied in the workplace.

Wilkinson loved the idea of wearing a positive sentiment on yourself every day and for strangers to see.

Kind is Cool was founded with the intent to lead by example and show our younger generations that being kind is cool.

They are made with love and kindness, in the hope at least one person wearing them will be kinder and/or inspire someone to be kinder.

The brand has been worn by the likes of Bec Judd, Sophie Cachia, Jodi Gordon, Jason Mraz, Jimmy Barnes, Bonnie Anderson, Taylor Henderson and many more.

A small act of kindness changes everything, it changes your mindset, it will change someone's day, and it will start to create a kinder world.

Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

Proudly supporting Bully Zero, Kind is Cool donates $2 from every item sold, to help educate, empower and support people around bullying.

Kind is Cool ranges from men and women's shirts to jumpers, kids clothing and even bags.

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