Trend alert: toys are not just for kids anymore

Toys are not just for kids anymore, especially when it comes to technology and collectables. ‘Kidults’ were once made fun of, but not anymore. While kids love to put things together and play with it for hours at a time, adults assemble their favourite piece and then display it for everyone to see… but not touch!

Here we look at 3 global trends that will take 2019 by storm.

Ready, steady, play

Balancing, jumping and leaping―isn’t that what all kids do? Unfortunately, they are becoming increasingly less active. Mobile phones, TV and the like have long reigned supreme, casting their spell over children.

Smart solutions such as mobile phones and tablets have culminated in a lack of physical activity, poor coordination and slower reactions. This can be countered by toys and games that encourage kids to engage in physical activity whilst having fun.

Wanting to promote the physical health of their children, parents see toys that combine exercise with fun as the best way to encourage children to get active. On top of this, sporting pursuits also improve body awareness, sense of balance and response times.

The WOW effect

Excitement, play and fun―the familiar lucky bag combines all of these. Nothing fascinates children more than anticipation of the unknown. They like to shake and poke such products in an effort to guess what might be inside this time.

But many of these kinds of toys also conceal unexpected effects which can only be discovered during play. Whether through water or heat, technical gimmicks or sophisticated mechanics, the toy is suddenly transformed into something very special and astounds with its additional play effect. Children love surprises and are only too delighted to be amazed.

More and more manufacturers are delighting children by adding an element of surprise to their products. It may be the packaging that conceals which collectable has been bought or a product that only reveals its functions and play options on closer inspection.

Toys 4 Kidults

Kidult is a concoction of the words kid and adult. The new term describes adults that love things usually associated with children. The Toys 4 Kidults trend reminds us that toys are not just reserved for children but can still be enjoyed by the older generation. The possibilities are endless, ranging from decorative toys and sophisticated construction sets to rare collectables and retro-licences.

Now many action heroes serve as an eye-catcher in living rooms, while construction kits with 3,000 pieces are painstakingly assembled and then showcased in glass cabinets.

These trends will be on display at Spielwarenmesse 2019.