Trend alert: when old becomes new again

Earlier this year, colour expert Lee Eiseman explained that a new era brings in both novel and nostalgic approaches to colour and design and reinforces the notion that muted and vibrant tones can co-exist. A traditional style, especially when tweaked with futuristic touches, offers an unusual and original approach to a product or interior.

“The art world is a great place to find trends,” she says. “The crossover from the art world into trends is so much more important today. We take an almost Shakespearean approach and bring it into the modern world.

“Trends don’t go away in one year,” Eiseman adds. “There are all kinds of ways to bring the expected into the unexpected….a compelling dichotomy, you might say….where we’re seeing the real combined with the surreal. Some of this might be a bit of a push for some people, but we need to catch customers’ eyes.”

For example, the film Mary, Queen of Scots and its Elizabethan stylings are cropping up with edgy updates in everything from fashion runways to art and home décor. 

At Maison&Objet this trend was even stronger than last year, but now it comes with a twist.