Wellness trend inspires launch of UrbiPod

The smart home is not just something of the future anymore, as more and more companies are introducing products using smart technologies.

The UrbiPod is an Australian designed and manufactured automated indoor gardening appliance so customers can grow their own herbs, salads, micro greens and flowers in their own home.

Created by Australian brand Urbotanica, the clever indoor kitchen appliance enables consumers to grow their own veggies and flowers all year round.

For Margaret Terry of Leading Edge Group, which will distribute the product, it was the UrbiPod’s diversity that got her attention.

“It works for the urban apartment dwellers, but is also particularly appealing to our rural customers,” she explains.

“It can be difficult to source high quality herbs in many rural areas and difficult to grow your own outside with harsh weather and bugs. The UrbiPod looked like a clever solution to growing indoors that solved these issues.

“We also believe that sustainable and eco-friendly products like the UrbiPod is exactly what today’s health conscious, sustainable living consumers are looking for. It’s clever and fits our high-quality products objective. We are delighted to be bringing the Australian made UrbiPod to our retail network.”

Indeed, its clever irrigation and nutrient application system delivers the right amount of natural plant food for healthy and sustained plant growth. Using the latest lighting technology, the automated energy-efficient LED system mimics sunlight and provides the ideal environment that can deliver plant growth up to three times faster than outdoors. 

The mobility of the individual growing pods provides for ease of use, ability to be located outside the kitchen, scalability for those who want to grow more and generous growing area to support sustained growth of your favourite fresh herbs, salads and micro greens.